Apply for QIAGEN Single Cell Research Grant worth $30,000

As part of QIAGEN’s on-going commitment to Australian research, helping to make improvements in life possible, we are pleased to announce our 2017 Single Cell Research Grant worth $30,000.

Imagine the possibilities if every researcher could easily and economically isolate single cells and unlock the biological insight contained within them?

QIAGEN is committed to making these possibilities a reality. With the launch of QIAscout, picking cells just got a lot easier. A new device that fits to most inverted microscopes, it is simple to use, giving all researchers the ability to isolate viable, single cells.

The successful applicant will receive a QIAscout for the duration of the grant redemption period, as well as $30,000 worth of QIAGEN reagents dedicated to analysis of DNA and RNA from single cells.

Interested? You must apply before March 31, 2017.


Want to apply?

To apply for this grant, simply submit a short application telling us about your single cell research and how you will use QIAGEN in your experiments.


Which products to use?

To help you select the products you can use for your downstream applications, here is all the information you need to know on QIAGEN solutions in single cell.


Frequently Asked Questions

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