Uncover the fact, not the artifact.

Bias related to amplification in library construction has plagued RNA sequencing experiments, calling into question the accuracy of quantification.

Rethink RNA-seq.

How many transcriptomes can a lane take?

Got way too many samples? High-throughput RNA sequencing can place significant demands on time and sequencing resources, in addition to multiplying costs.

Rethink RNA-seq.

Small samples, big limitations?

Sometimes it is not possible to retrieve more than a few cells or just nanograms of RNA. Does this mean you have to compromise on the sensitivity and robustness of your RNA-seq analysis?

Rethink RNA-seq.

Overcome critical challenges with the help of new QIAseq 3’ UPX Kits, which use ‘unique molecular indices’.

This means you can:

  • Eliminate bias introduced by PCR amplification
  • Introduce certainty and precision by correctly quantifying each RNA molecule
  • Gain insights with convenient gene expression data analysis

Amplification bias doesn’t have to be your Achilles' heel!

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Our new QIAseq 3’ UPX Kits rely on ultraplex (UPX) tagging to consolidate lots of libraries into a single sequencing lane to simplify gene expression RNA-seq!

This means you can:

  • Sequence a few, or even thousands of transcriptomes simultaneously
  • Pool up to 384 samples in a single reaction for ease of library construction
  • Save substantial time and dramatically reduce the risk of sample mixup

Our new QIAseq 3’ UPX Kits use Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA) technology, enabling 3' transcriptome NGS or targeted RNA-seq from ultralow amounts of RNA and low-input samples.

This means you can:

  • Start with single cells, cell pellets or as little as 1 ng of isolated RNA
  • Maximize RNA-seq insights from minimal samples with LNA-enhanced chemistry
  • Simultaneously process multiple samples in whole transcriptome or targeted gene expression approaches

Start deciphering all the intricate transcriptomic details of your small samples!

New webinar:

Achieve high-throughput 3' transcriptome RNA-seq with 1 ng samples

Check out our informative webinar and get handy tips on how you can maximize RNA-seq insights using QIAseq 3’ UPX Kits!

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