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August 31

Receive one of four $20,000 NGS sponsorships for your lab

You trust QIAGEN with your samples, now benefit from our quality for NGS too.

Tell us more about your next-generation sequencing (NGS) research and get a chance to receive one of four $20,000 sponsorships of QIAGEN's QIAseq NGS products. Plus, we’ll get you up and running with up to 16 hours of application specialist support for your lab. To be eligible for an award, simply fill out the questionnaire below and submit.

Four award recipients will be selected, so sign up soon!

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1. How many samples do you process per month for each of the following applications? (please address each application)

Zero <30 30–200 >200 Plan to add in
next 6 months

2. Do you perform the following NGS-related steps?

4.Tell us about the challenges you face with NGS: What would you like to improve in your NGS workflow? *

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