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New Lab Start-Up Program

Tailored packages, exclusive offers and expert support to kick-start your research

Congratulations – getting a new lab or receiving a first grant is quite an achievement. Now comes the next essential task – finding the right lab equipment and technologies, cost-effectively. Fortunately, we can get you up and running quickly, accelerate your research and help you stay within budget with our new program.

Going the extra mile

Through our New Lab Start-Up Program, we provide you with innovative, high-quality automated solutions and technologies for your research. The scope is from Sample to Insight and covers entire workflows.

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Six reasons why QIAGEN is your best new lab partner:

How to benefit

When you enroll in this program, you’ll open doors to the following program areas:

Kits, reagents and other consumables


Fantastic deals and leasing options are available to get your lab started. You can have cutting-edge instruments from day one without exhausting your own capital or alternative financing sources.


QIAGEN bioinformatics can support all researchers with sophisticated yet convenient and easy-to-use solutions for data analysis and interpretation from qPCR, NGS or any ’omic data set.

To unlock these great benefits and learn more about the program, simply click on the “Get started” button to give us a few details. Then your local QIAGEN sales representative will get in touch.

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*Offer valid for nine months with every order after you join the program. The offer is valid for sales quoted and list prices only, and may not be combined with any other promotions, offers, or discounts. This offer is limited in time and subject to certain restrictions set forth herein. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that acceptance of this offer will not violate any internal policies of the customer's organization. Offer not available in all countries. Void where prohibited. Offer limited to orders for one new lab only.

Please fill in the form and our Sales Representative will contact you to answer all your questions shortly.

QIAGEN will use your personal information solely for the purpose of managing your participation in the program and for contacting you. Subject to your consent given above, QIAGEN may furthermore use your personal information for internal business and marketing purposes. The information will not be sold to any third party. QIAGEN may transfer your personal information to our CRM system (hosted by third-parties, currently by SalesForce.com, Inc. and Oracle Corp.) solely for the purposes of data hosting and QIAGEN email distribution. You may unsubscribe from email distribution and data hosting at any time. Your data will be processed in compliance with applicable privacy laws including the EU General Data Protection Regulation. For further details please refer to our Privacy Policy. This program is applicable only in EMEA and North America. Void where prohibited. The program is not open to healthcare professionals. This offer is not for established laboratories, offer limited to researchers having received a grant in the last 6 months and/or starting a new lab in either a public or NGO organization or in a private organization (startup, pharma, CRO, etc.).

Thank you!

Our Sales Representative will contact you shortly about the New Lab Start-Up Program.