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Ultra-fast insights

Ultra-fast insights

“You can't really socially distance people who are appearing in a movie, and you really need a very rapid turnaround of results. And that was where the NeuMoDx really began to help.”

Dr. Richard Dawood, Medical Director, Fleet Street Clinic, London

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True random access

“NeuMoDx gives us the chance to scale up with a fast turnaround time. It gives us random access and ease-of-use, and with this, we can run our lab more efficiently.”

Sanela Svraka-Latifovic
Molecular Biologist, Tergooi Hospital, Netherlands

Continuous loading


"This device is able to prepare individual samples, extract the genetic information, and then analyze it on its own. There’s nothing else like it available on the market.”

Dr. Katja Sänger
Head, Department of Molecular Pathogen Diagnostics at the MVZ Labor Dr. Reising-Ackermann & Kollegen, Germany

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A single platform

“We are looking for a holy grail that permits us to consolidate all our platforms.”

Dr. Jean-Marc Senterre
Microbiology/Molecular Biology, CHR Citadelle Hospital, Belgium

Stability and automation

“Three ways I would describe this system would be: ease of use, fast, and reliable.”

Steve Young
Director of Research and Clinical Trials, TriCore Reference Laboratories, NM

Extraction and PCR in one

“The microfluidic plate – that is where all the brains of the whole system is.”

Sajid Javed
Global Product Manager, QIAGEN

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  • Intuitive 3-step workflow
  • Continuous loading
  • IVD & LDT in parallel
  • High throughput
  • No reagent reconstitution
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