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Learn more about NeuMoDx — a revolutionary molecular diagnostic solution

Critical decisions for patient care are dependent on accurate and timely clinical laboratory results. To meet this demand, your lab needs full automation, faster turnaround times, scalability, and streamlined workflows. NeuMoDx systems address these needs – and more.

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Transform your lab with NeuMoDx

Ultra-fast integrated PCR with true random access and an unprecedented streamlined workflow

  • The industry’s first true random access capability that is scalable according to the needs of your laboratory
  • The ability for your laboratory to handle medium, high and ultra-high throughput testing needs
  • The flexibility your lab needs with assays and room temperature reagent storage together

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Learn about NeuMoDx from the creators

  • Learn how you can run LDT tests on the system and gain full automation and a streamlined workflow
  • Discover the extreme ease-of-use of the NeuMoDx system, providing insights with little lab interaction
  • Hear how the creators developed NeuMoDx to be a game-changer, providing integrated PCR with true access

Watch the webinar

Join Jeff Williams, Chairman, and CEO, and Sundu Brahmasandra, President of NeuMoDx Molecular as they present the NeuMoDx systems in our on-demand instrument showcase.

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Connect with a specialist to learn more about NeuMoDx or set up a demo for your lab.

NeuMoDx Molecular Inc. is the legal manufacturer of the NeuMoDx Molecular Systems.

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