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Watch our new how-to videos for the QIAxcel Advanced system

We looked at some of the most frequently asked questions about the QIAxcel Advanced system starting from how to set it up to how to troubleshoot errors and fix problems, and we’ve developed a series of videos that will help answer your questions in a simplified way.

Below you can find the videos with their descriptions.

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Video 1 – Overview of the QIAxcel Advanced capillary electrophoresis system

  • Working principle of the instrument
  • Introducing the components required to run the analytes
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Video 2 – Preparing the QIAxcel Advanced prior to nucleic acid analysis

  • Setting up the instrument and preparing samples for analysis
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Video 3 – Setting up the QIAxcel Advanced and ScreenGel Software before starting a run

  • Starting the QIAxcel ScreenGel Software and defining the run parameters
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Video 4 – Getting results

  • Visualizing the run and exporting the data for further analysis
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Video 5 – Basic troubleshooting

  • Resolving possible errors that may occur during setup or run
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In just a few minutes you will learn how to perform effortless nucleic acid analysis in less time and with minimal handling errors, and get accurate and reliable results from your experiments.

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