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Digital PCR
Digital is the new absolute
Arriving soon!

If your future is digital, why shouldn't your PCR be, too?

Your life in the lab can become so much easier if you had unequivocal yes or no, 0 or 1 answers to your research questions. With digital PCR, you can begin that journey and take your research into the future. Increasing the exactness and sensitivity of your routine applications and much more, we are transforming the good old PCR world for you.

What's all the talk about?

The future of PCR is digital

Rapid. Fully integrated. Accurate. Sensitive. Unique. Soon, QIAGEN will unveil its first digital PCR solutions that will meet and exceed your needs. Stay tuned and excited!

The future is digital – is your PCR?

The future of PCR is digital

Time to put your smarts to the test. Whether digital PCR is a totally alien concept or the next most important step in your research plan, we've collated some fascinating facts to test your digital future readiness.

Go digital – YES or NO?

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