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The invention of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in 1985 revolutionized molecular biology and molecular medicine. Today, major research areas such as biomarker discovery, gene regulation and cancer research are challenging the technology with more demanding requirements including increased throughput, higher assay sensitivity and reliable data analysis. And even though PCR has become one of the most routinely performed lab applications, many researchers still encounter challenges and are worried about the complexity of designing their PCR experiments.

But we have great news – we can help make your lab life easier! Have you heard about the new AllTaq Master Mix and AllTaq PCR Core Kits yet? Read on and discover more or request a sample now!


No more worries about room temperature setup

Have you ever wondered what happens when you forget your PCR reagents on the benchtop?

With AllTaq PCR Kits, you can calm down and relax! Thanks to the AllTaq hot-start mechanism, your reagents are stringently controlled from premature activity. The antibody and the guard molecule keep the DNA polymerase in an inactive state until the initial heat activation step, preventing any artifact or primer-dimer formation.

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Enjoy a fast and easy PCR procedure

Don’t break your head about PCR mixtures – just mix all the components together in one tube and start our standard 45-minute thermal cycling program for all your different targets.

Use the orange Master Mix Tracer and the blue Template Tracer as visual pipetting controls, preventing stress and errors. Once the solution turns green, you know everything is ready to go! You can also follow these tracers visually on your gel electrophoresis.

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Don’t waste your efforts on optimizing reaction conditions

Use the preoptimized buffer that features the combined effect of ammonium and potassium ions, which maintain the high ratio of specific-to-nonspecific primer-template binding over a wide temperature range. It makes your reaction highly specific and reliable and allows duplexing or amplification of long targets up to 9 kb. The Q-solution provided in the AllTaq PCR Core Kit also deals with GC-rich templates.

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Try AllTaq and experience the most sensitive and reliable PCR for all your templates. Say goodbye to annealing temperature optimization and gradient PCR forever!

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