Understanding the new USCIS TB testing guidelines - on demand webinar

View a free webinar recording on new IGRA testing requirements for civil surgeons.  
Beginning October 1, 2018, the tuberculin skin test (TST) will no longer be accepted for USCIS immigration exams. Instead, a TB blood test (interferon-gamma release assay or IGRA) will be required for permanent resident applicants ages 2 and older. While an individual with a positive IGRA will be able to complete the status adjustment process, LTBI positive results must be reported to the local health department. This new CDC/USCIS requirement for IGRA-only testing aligns with current CDC recommendations stating that IGRA testing is strongly preferred for those who are BCG-vaccinated. 

Are you and your practice ready for this mandatory change? Join Dr. Alowode Oladele to hear more about the new IGRA requirement and additional details on the updated technical instructions. Learn how to interpret and manage IGRA results, and why this change is an important step in the CDC’s march toward TB elimination in the US. Dr. Oladele is the medical director of county-wide services for the DeKalb County Board of Health, Georgia, where he directs medical screening of 1,000–2,000 refugees annually. 

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