Experimental reproducibility – more important than ever!


Reproducible and reliable studies lay the foundation for future scientific endeavors to build upon. However, some of the figures revealed by a Nature survey serve as a grim reminder of the growing concern surrounding irreproducibility.

Are you facing challenges replicating experiments from your peers? Do you find it difficult to reproduce your own results? Your research credibility is important to us! Reproducibility crisis should not stifle innovation, and therefore, we have presented some interesting facts and solutions in this new infographic to help you produce repeatable results of the highest standards.

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Ensuring consistency and reliability in your nucleic acid-based research

We’ve gathered two key resources covering your plasmid DNA isolation and RNA purification needs, and highlighting approaches that can not only help you achieve reproducible yield and quality, but also dependable downstream results.


QIAprep Spin Miniprep Kit using HY protocol outperforms competition

Comparison of plasmid DNA yield from different E.coli host strains showed that the QIAprep Spin Miniprep Kit High-Yield (HY) Supplementary Protocol generates reproducible, high yields compared to other suppliers.

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RNeasy Kits deliver reproducible yields of intact RNA with high RIN values

RNeasy Kits provide a fast and convenient procedure for RNA purification, delivering high-quality RNA and consistent yields from small to large amounts of starting material.

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