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Learn how syndromic testing helped an Emergency Room in Paris

Title: Respiratory viruses: considerations for multiplex testing from the lab to point of care

Speaker: Dr. Benoit Visseaux, Associate Professor, Bichat Claude Bernard Hospital

This webinar discusses considerations that labs need to take into account when adopting rapid multiplex PCR testing for respiratory viruses in the clinical setting.

The development of rapid multiplex PCR tests enables the detection of almost all respiratory viruses in a few hours. These tests provide a deeper understanding of respiratory viruses' epidemiology among children or adults, as well as community- or hospital-acquired infections. They also allow clinicians to consider viral etiology to improve isolation management, antibiotic use, or a patient’s length of stay.

While these tests offer clear benefits for some patient populations, labs looking to adopt rapid multiplex PCR testing must balance their costs against the impact on patient care.

In this webinar, Dr. Benoit Visseaux of Bichat Claude Bernard Hospital, a university hospital in Paris, shares his experience implementing multiplex PCR testing for respiratory viruses. He discusses the challenges of balancing costs with improved patient outcomes.

This study was done on the DiagCORE Analyzer using the DiagCORE Respiratory Panel V2. Now available as QIAstat-Dx in some countries. Product availability and claims may differ from country to country based on regulations and approvals. Contact your country representative for further details.

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