QIAseq FastSelect: The best single step you can take for RNA-seq library prep

QIAseq FastSelect RNA Removal Kits are creating waves in the RNA sequencing world, helping researchers speed up and simplify RNA-seq library prep by removing unwanted RNA in just a single 10-second step. Brandon Mistretta, Research Assistant and Graduate Student, switched to QIAseq FastSelect for his research at the University of Houston NextGen Sequencing Center and this is what he had to say:

“The QIAseq FastSelect rRNA Removal Kit is a great addition to any library preparation starting with RNA. Even with as little as 100 ng of input, the kit was able to produce great yields of exonic sequencing data. It is also extremely easy to add to your library prep protocol,1 μl of the species-specific QIAseq FastSelect is added during the fragmentation step and you carry on with the protocol as is. It also saved us a whole day of work, only takes 20 minutes to run and has no extra bead cleanups. This kit outperforms anything else on the market today. I highly recommend this product to anyone performing RNA sequencing.”

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