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Creating custom panels – combine novel chemistries and informatics to reach more regions of the genome

Frustrated by difficult content choices for NGS panel design? Are you facing a design dilemma due to high GC content? Watch two new webinars on NGS panel design and learn how to overcome common and advanced design challenges! Discover how to design custom NGS panels with the help of GeneGlobe and bioinformatics tools, for both targeted DNA-seq and RNA-seq applications.


Building beyond hotspot panels – custom DNA panel design walkthrough

Targeted DNA sequencing requires the design of NGS panels, a task that can be time- and resource-consuming if done manually. QIAGEN has built sophisticated primer design algorithms to make the process of genome-wide panel design more streamlined and efficient, to deliver the highest possible design coverage.

In this webinar, we introduce to QIAGEN’s GeneGlobe, an online portal you can use to design your own custom DNA panel to target your favorite genes or genomic loci.

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Expression profiling for the genes that matter – custom RNA panel design walkthrough

Sorting through your list of potential target genes requires understanding the regulation of gene expression – information that can come from many different sources. In this webinar, we introduce you to QIAGEN’s GeneGlobe, where you will be able to discover and order gene- and pathway-specific solutions for qPCR, mRNA, lncRNA and miRNA gene expression analysis, as well as next-generation sequencing, microbial detection, RNAi, genotyping, epigenetics and functional analysis.

Learn how to use GeneGlobe to generate gene lists for custom panels for your upcoming next-generation sequencing study.

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Advice prior to starting QIAseq Targeted Panels

The QIAseq Targeted Panels have allowed scientists to obtain accurate quantitative data and call low-frequency variants due to the novel unique molecular index (UMI) technology. This webinar begins with key points on sample extraction and purification. Focus will also be placed on library generation, key points and tips for the wet-bench workflow, and quality check procedures to ensure that the library is suitable for sequencing. Example data will be shared to illustrate ideal libraries as well as troubleshooting results where the libraries were less than ideal for sequencing.

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QIAseq Panel Design Tool

Use your newfound knowledge of the QIAseq panels and design studio to create or boost your own custom panel design, specific to your research.