Calling all Early-Career Researchers and Scientists!


Can we help you on your way?

To achieve really great things in science, you’ll need the personal qualities of curiosity, perseverance and passion – along with talent, of course! But in addition, many great scientists say that inspiration, collaboration and luck were just as crucial to their distinguished careers. So to stack the odds in your favor, we’re offering some help towards building your career.

As a potential long-term partner of QIAGEN, we’d like you to dream big and achieve your goals. Therefore, we’re introducing a Young Scientist Program over the coming months to stimulate your ideas and give your research a boost. We hope the program will:

  • Inspire you, by sharing true stories and field reports from highly successful customers
  • Introduce you to best practices, by passing on knowledge from experts
  • Familiarize you with cutting-edge products that can speed up or simplify experiments and bring more accurate and reliable results
  • Enhance your reputation with credible results, by using QIAGEN Quality Solutions quoted in tens of thousands of published papers
  • Support your research with products, tools and equipment prizes

Bookmark this page and return often. We want to inspire and admire your success!


Introducing the winner of our competition for early-career scientists

We’re delighted to announce that Dr. Chantal Snoeck from Luxembourg Institute of Health is the winner of our 2017 early-career scientist competition. Congratulations to Dr. Snoeck on the well-deserved win. Her work project focuses on viruses that can be transmitted between animals and humans. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants and judges. Keep your eye out for our next competition, which is coming soon!

Know more about Dr. Snoeck`s research

Stories of discovery, from deep sea to outer space!

Follow this expanding series of stories to find out what happens when various scientists go on challenging expeditions to Antarctica, unearth ancient mysteries, blast cells into space, and much more. You’ll also find downloadable content and videos that could instigate or enhance your own research advent.


Invaluable resources at your disposal

Whether you want to go back to basics for DNA, RNA, plasmids and quality control, or need the latest info on precise sample prep and robust RNA purification, this is the place. Featuring many articles, videos, webinars and more, checkout your resources page. There’ll also be a monthly focus topic.


Meet a microbiome researcher: Dr. Michael Montague

Meet Dr. Michael Montague, winner of the $65,000 2017 Microbiome Award to study the brain-gut network in free-ranging macaques. Dr. Montague’s project aims to examine how varying degrees of social interaction impacts the gut microbiome in rhesus monkeys, while also exploring how the diversity of gut microbial communities influences levels of peripheral and central serotonin.