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Make the most of your precious samples by employing unique solutions from QIAGEN for your complete workflow, from nucleic acid isolation to data analysis and interpretation.

QIAGEN’s innovations in nucleic acid isolation technology for microbial samples ensure high DNA and RNA yields and unbiased results in downstream applications, including qPCR, PCR and NGS.

Now, you can go beyond nucleic acid isolation with our Sample to Insight solutions for workflows, including metagenomics, transcriptomics, microbial-host interaction, microbial ID and more. Data analysis is covered with our range of bioinformatics solutions for microbial workflows.

To get results you can trust, take a look at our product range to find the best solutions for your research.

Interactive overview of solutions for each step of your workflow

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Interactive overview of solutions for each step of your workflow

“We get really good results using the QIAGEN DNA kits, with high DNA yields, which can be used for sequencing.”

Dr. Hannah Wardill, Biomedical Research Fellow, University of Groningen and University of Adelaide

Insights into microbiome research

Gut microbiomes as a cancer therapy

A person’s microbiome affects their overall health, as well as the effectiveness of certain therapies. Dr. Hannah Wardill researches gut-species with the goal of lowering the side effects that come with oncological patient care.

Webinars, on demand

Learn more about exiting microbiome research and hear from leading scientists in this field in a series of webinars. You can download and listen to an on-demand recording from our webinars page.

Testimonial video

Learn how Dr. Christopher Steward from the University of Newcastle uses QIAGEN kits for his research, focused on preterm infants, with the goal of understanding how certain bacterium may predispose an infant to being healthier

Featured products from diverse workflow steps

Inhibitor-free DNA for direct downstream use

Yield up to 8-fold DNA with unbiased alpha sample diversity results. Automatable

Robust profiling of bacterial and fungal communities

Sequence 16S rRNA and ITS regions with "phased primers" to increase base and read quality.

Shift the focus from data to discovery

Power your analysis with digital insights.