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Solutions for Database and Reference Samples

From crime scene to courtroom – streamline your workflow of database reference samples

Worldwide, criminal justice systems are making increasing use of DNA databases to maximize the impact of DNA profiling in human identification. This has markedly increased the numbers of submissions to these databases. QIAGEN database solutions are designed to enable high throughput processing whilst maintaining the quality and process safety required of any criminal justice workflow. Have confidence in your results, no matter the throughput!

Dedicated products for direct amplification of reference samples from

  • Buccal cells or blood on FTA paper
  • Swabs and other sample collectors

Instruments to automate high-throughput sample processing via swab or punch

  • STAR Q Swab AS
  • STAR Q Punch AS
  • BSD600 Puncher

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Standardized sample collection, automated pretreatment.

The swab workflow utilizes QIAGEN’s OmniSwab with Investigator STR GO! Kits or direct amp protocols and automates sample pre-treatment as well as PCR setup using QIAGEN’s STAR Q Swab AS Instrument. Sample collection on FTA paper is standardized with the EasiCollect Plus sample collection device. Assay setup is automated on the STAR Q Punch AS, enabling up to 360 samples to be prepared for PCR each day, by a single operator. The Investigator 24plex GO! Kit with an integrated Quality Sensor ensures high success rates for database samples.


Human ID Database solutions

Human ID Database solutions

A unified workflow for forensic DNA reference samples

A unified workflow can make all the difference. You know better than anyone that optimizing your workflow enables effective, fast sample analysis. QIAGEN has collection answers for all samples under all conditions with easy-to-automate solutions that fit all throughput needs. Simpler and easier sample collection, quicker sample processing and greater flexibility on sample format means increased efficiency and a reduction in rework.


A high-throughput PCR setup for processing swabs

Data presented in the application note establishes the OmniSwab and STAR Q workflow with Investigator STR GO! Kits as an effective and easily adopted solution for laboratories looking to automate their manual process or increase throughput reference samples. Furthermore, data generated with alternative swabs from other providers demonstrates the applicability of the workflow for laboratories using other swabs but wishing to benefit from the efficiency of the STAR Q Swab solution.


Human ID Database solutions

Human ID Database solutions

Bring greater efficiency to your crime lab

Challenge the limits of your current STR kit. There is a growing need for using a secondary STR kit as a backup in reference database labs. Find out why you need a secondary STR kit and what are the important issues that impact database labs. Discover the best way to improve overall success rates and confidence in results by bringing in Investigator 24plex GO! Kit as a backup.


Sample collection, punching, assay setup and STR assay

The comprehensive workflow presented in this application note addresses the unique challenges facing DNA database labs when receiving and processing many samples every day. The complete QIAGEN workflow includes EasiCollect sample collection along with punching and assay setup with the STAR Q Punch AS system, and STR assay with Investigator 24plex GO!. Pre-validated protocols are available for the complete workflow enabling fast and simple adoption. Quality Sensor technology ensures no futile reworking of poor-quality samples. Furthermore, with a full workflow solution from a single provider, implementation and support responsibilities are clear and give full peace of mind.


Human ID Database solutions

Human ID Database solutions

Easy-to-use sample collection devices ensure high database success rates

Sample collection by law enforcement officers needs to be simple and effective to avoid submission of poor-quality samples. High-throughput sample preparation can only be achieved by automated punching and assay setup. Assays should be robust to support high first-pass success rates. We describe a comprehensive workflow which integrates these key components and demonstrates reliable high first-pass success rates. This workflow represents an effective and scalable high-throughput solution for DNA databasing in human identification and forensics.


No more backlogs!

Working in high-throughput database, reference or paternity laboratories, you face unique challenges related to DNA sample processing every day. Maintaining the same high first-time success rates with increasing sample numbers and cost per sample means a constant endeavor to maintain quality standards and sample continuity. High quality standards and low cost must not be compromised, and this usually means that throughput pays the price. To address these challenges, we have developed two instruments: the STAR Q Punch AS and the STAR Q Swab AS. These instruments automate STR assay setup from FTA® or other collection card samples, and swabs, respectively. Both instruments have been developed as part of laboratory workflows enabling hundreds of samples to be processed each day.


Human ID Database solutions

Explosive discoveries from trace DNA

Looking for more solutions to free up your time?

Our workflow demo tool provides a comprehensive overview of our latest generation of powerful chemistries and automated solutions for forensic casework.


Need more semi-automated sample punching?

The BSD600 instrument has the flexibility to select functions most suited to each lab’s specific needs. Features include sample punching from a wide range of biomaterials, optical and camera punch validation on 96-well microplates, dual punch sizes, auto-trigger function, barcode reader and integrated air humidification.

Learn more about the BSD600 Ascent puncher.

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BSD600 for flexible high-throughput sample preparation in forensic DNA laboratories

BSD600 Ascent: See the semi-automated punch platform in action

QIAGEN, in partnership with BSD Robotics, brings our customers a semi-automated sample punching instrument designed to meet all your sample processing needs, whether in a small laboratory or a higher throughput facility.

See the BSD600 Ascent in action now.

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