The Power of DNA-based Research


If the success of your disease or microbiology research depends on finding the smallest genetic differences, you’ll need a workflow that’s absolutely accurate, reliable and reproducible. Whether you are using endpoint PCR, real-time PCR or sequencing-based detection methods, QIAGEN provides robust and accurate solutions for all three methods. Specifically, they let you accurately characterize SNPs and CNVs quickly, and analyze data reliably.

To speed up your genotyping experiments and correctly interpret the results, try our simplified, automated solutions. They’re the best way to gain valuable insights at the first attempt. For more information, see our genotyping flyer.

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Useful resources for your DNA-based research

We’ve gathered key resources for you, covering both your DNA purification and PCR needs, and highlighting approaches that can help you achieve reproducible yield and quality, as well as dependable downstream results.


Effective DNA isolation from solid tissue samples

We have gathered 3 key resources to gain more insights and discover factors to consider for improving your own research.

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Perform hot-start PCR using any DNA or cDNA template

New AllTaq PCR kits allow ultrafast and versatile hot-start PCR in all applications.

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Instant success in your gene expression PCR

QIAGEN PCR products provide superior results without the need for optimization.

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