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Get to know GeneGlobe through our 3-part webinar series and quiz

GeneGlobe streamlines the complete research cycle of target exploration, product configuration, data analysis and follow-up experiment planning – with just one tool. Join our free webinar series and learn how your research can benefit. We’ll present each part two times, to accommodate viewers around the globe.

Afterwards, you can participate in our fun quiz with a chance to win a poster featuring your favorite signaling pathway.

Part 1:

Plan your next experiment using GeneGlobe: streamlining a breast cancer research planning workflow

Speaker: Dr. Verena Schramm, Associate Director, GeneGlobe

Good planning is key to research success, but limited time and resources can make this difficult. In this webinar, we will show you how to use GeneGlobe to streamline an example breast cancer research planning workflow. We will guide you through the GeneGlobe functionalities and show how to leverage the knowledge hub with >10,000 manually-curated biological entities. We will demonstrate how to explore biological targets in their relevant scientific context and find the right research products to study them from our broad catalog of PCR, NGS and functional tools in just a few clicks. We will also show how to store targets of interest in the My GeneGlobe project space and use these target lists to build custom products using one of our user-friendly custom builders.

Part 2:

Setting the new standard in mRNA/lncRNA qPCR expression analysis: introducing the QuantiNova LNA PCR systems

Speaker: Marie-Louise Lunn, Ph.D., Associate Director, Gene Expression Assays Product Management

QIAGEN has enhanced its mRNA/lncRNA profiling assays and panels with LNA technology and optimized with QuantiNova chemistry to create a comprehensive new portfolio for highly sensitive and specific gene expression analysis. These two new PCR systems are available through GeneGlobe and offer the choice of SYBR® Green or hydrolysis probe-based detection with the broadest coverage of predesigned human, mouse and rat assays and panels. For specialized applications, researchers can easily create custom assays and panels. In this webinar, we will discuss the principles behind the design and high performance of these new LNA-enhanced assays and show how they are setting a new standard in mRNA/lncRNA qPCR expression analysis.

Part 3:

QuantiNova LNA PCR data analysis software to complete your gene expression analysis

Speaker: George J. Quellhorst, Jr., Ph.D., Associate Director in R&D

No experiment is complete without processing and interpreting the data. This webinar demonstrates the benefits of using the free and easy-to-use GeneGlobe QuantiNova LNA PCR data analysis software to perform this final step. See how the software first interprets the built-in quality control assays and helps determine the best normalization method. From there, the software calculates fold change results and their statistical significance using the standard ΔΔCT method and Student’s t-test. Choose from several available plots to visualize the results in publication-quality images. Also, use the software to design the best follow-up experiments. Identify the PCR assays needed to perform an even more focused gene expression analysis or to analyze the expression and/or function of miRNAs predicted to regulate the observed differentially expressed genes. Finally, export the results in an Excel file and/or a PDF report suitable for presentation purposes.