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Want to get more specific tips & tricks on mRNA, miRNA or exRNA? Scroll down to view all the useful resources we’ve gathered for you.


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We’ve gathered key resources to help you succeed in RNA research! Enhance your knowledge on miRNA with our informative webinars, gain access to a myriad of information on RNA in our useful web portal and discover the secret world of exosomes!


miRNA – small but mighty

We’ve gathered various on-demand miRNA webinars for you to get a good introduction to miRNA and useful tools and tips for your own research.

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Dig deeper into the RNA universe

Discover all things RNA in our informative web portal! From RNA purification, gene expression analysis and miRNA studies through to RNA-seq, localization studies and functional analysis using LNA tools – your journey through the RNA universe starts here!

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When exosomes talk, cells listen

Discover how exosomes communicate and share your findings with the world! Begin your discovery into the secrets of cell communication, cancer, aging and disease!

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