One-day, automatable and scalable exome sequencing

Detect pathogenic variants with confidence, ease and efficiency

Advance disease research with the QIAseq Human Exome Kit, which leverages hybrid capture technology for highly sensitive variant calling of targets of >500 genes. Seamless integration with QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench enables rapid variant calling and QIAGEN Clinical Insight Interpret (QCI-I) ensures accurate variant interpretation and disease-specific insights – without the burden of manual curation. This time-saving solution results in a 50% reduction in sequencing costs per sample and decreases overall turnaround time from sample to data by 40%. Access the previously inaccessible with ease using our exome sequencing solution.

prep and

QIAseq FX library prep (enzymatic fragmentation)

Exome enrichment (single-plex or 8-plex hybridization)

CLC Genomics

Go from raw reads to variants in 60 min, speed up with multi-node analysis

QIAGEN Clinical
Insight Interpret (QCI-I)

Confidently report on pathogenic variants in minutes

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Want highly sensitive variant detection with 50% less sequencing? Contact a specialist to learn more about the QIAseq Human Exome Kit and data analysis workflow.

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