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An expert’s view on the future of cancer research – insights from ISMRC 2018

ISMRC 2018
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What excites scientists who are working in the field of cancer research and looking into emerging fields such as liquid biopsy? How is this technology changing the way we diagnose and treat cancer? What would key opinion leaders in the field recommend to young scientists? QIAGEN's R&D team asked the experts your questions at the ISMRC conference this year… and here are their answers.

Dr. med. Klaus Pantel

Dr. med. Klaus Pantel talks about liquid biopsy and its relevance in cancer research and provides his recommendations to young scientists just starting out in the field. He also discusses biomarker research, tumor biology and the use of circulating nucleic acids, as well as the challenges in the field of cancer research.

Dr. Evi Lianidou

Dr. Evi Lianidou discusses her favorite analytes with regards to their relevance in cancer research, as well as the challenges of bringing liquid biopsy into the clinic. She also talks about the future of liquid biopsy research in the next 5 years and the products that can standardize her research.

Dr. Catherine Alix-Panabieres

Dr. Catherine Alix-Panabieres discusses CTCs, ccfDNA, miRNA, exosomes and extracellular vesicles in the context of cancer research. She also tells us how events such as ISMRC help showcase the latest developments and innovations in cancer research.

Dr. Michael Speicher

Dr. Michael Speicher talks about how different analytes – CTCs, exosomes, ccfDNA etc. – complement each other in providing a deeper understanding of cancer. He also discusses the biggest breakthroughs and bottlenecks in liquid biopsy research today, including the issue of bias in research. Therapies for gliomas are also discussed.

Also, have a look at researchers from across the globe presenting their findings at ISMRC 2018:

Dr. Amy Templeman from ANGLE plc. talks about her team’s research on CTCs in prostate cancer and discusses molecular characterization, immunostaining and enumeration by combination of label-free Parsortix CTC enrichment and AdnaTest ProstateCancerPanel expression profiling for PSMA, AR and AR-V7.

Dr. Martin H.D. Neumann from Bayer AG, Germany evaluates miRNA extraction technologies in a multicentric manner. Hear about the findings of the study.

We will continue to bring you inspirational stories and valuable insights from the cancer research community – stay tuned for more in 2019!


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