Ramp up your NGS data analysis curriculum!

QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench educational teaching licenses

QIAGEN Digital Insights is now offering professors and educators a teaching license package to QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench Premium software. The package is designed to help those that need to develop an NGS data analysis curriculum while supporting their own research needs. The package is available with or without microbial/metagenomic analysis capabilities and includes the following valuable components:

  • One QIAGEN CLC Genomics Server license
  • One unrestricted 'principal investigator' QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench Premium license
  • Free, 1-hour optional consultation on course set-up with a QIAGEN CLC expert trainer
  • Up to 30 'student' QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench Premium licenses*
  • Sample syllabus with NGS data analysis lesson plans
  • Three on-demand video tutorials presented by Ph.D. experts in data analysis or bioinformatics
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The student licenses can be issued repeatedly for the same educator, provided they are used for different courses. Upon registration, licenses and direct download links will be provided to the professor/educator, who agrees to act as the 'educational training license administrator'.

* Requirements:

  • Registrants for the educational license to QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench Premium must hold an active QIAGEN CLC Genomics Server (master) license.
  • Each educational license is limited to a 4-month subscription per course, or to the duration of the course (whichever is shorter).
  • Registered users must be actively enrolled students, and registered for the course, subject to verification by QIAGEN and the sponsoring faculty member.
  • Customer with a QIAGEN CLC Genomics Server license agrees to act as the license administrator and distribute licenses to students.
  • Customers who currently have, or later purchase, a QIAGEN CLC Microbial Genomics Module Server Extension, could also be provided the Microbial Genomics Module under the same terms.

Thank you for your interest in the QIAGEN CLC Genomics educational package. You will receive your quote shortly. In the meantime, learn more about how QIAGEN CLC Genomics can support your NGS and 'omics data analysis.

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