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Use the same, 45-minute protocol, for any template, even up to 9kb and GC-rich templates – with no reagent or annealing temperature optimization ever! Never lose track pipetting again, with AllTaq, a simple color change confirms correct pipetting.

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What researchers think about AllTaq

Since using AllTaq, researchers at the University of Nottingham are gaining better results, faster. Watch the video to learn about their C. diff research and see how simplified PCR is helping their work and making lab life easier.


New PCR innovations in AllTaq explained in < 2 minutes

With AllTaq, we have eliminated the need for annealing temperature and buffer optimization, allowing the reliable amplification of even GC-rich or long targets, with sensitivity down to a single target molecule. We have included integrated visual pipetting controls and gel loading dyes.


See how we achieve the highest sensitivity with no optimization – discover the secrets of our unique buffer system

Learn how the components of our unique PCR buffer system enable highly stable binding, allowing the amplification of long templates up to 9kb and high GC-content templates, while ensuring the highest sensitivity and specificity.


Premium assay specificity and superior room-temperature stability

Our unique 2-phase, antibody-mediated, hot start is the most stringent hot start available, effectively eliminating enzymatic activity at room-temperature. This stringent control prevents artifact and primer dimer formation and dramatically increases assay specificity and room-temperature stability!

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